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Why hosted Eukhost review site is better? This review site has been hosted with the their basic shared hosting from 2008 to 2012. In here, we have website uptime and speed test, truthful editor verdicts, and customer submitted user reviews and testimonials too. Besides these unbiased reviews, we also included the latest coupons and special discount codes inhere. There are few promotion available for new customer and we have a special type of coupon that offers recurring discount year after year.


Is Eukhost any good? This is a web hosting service provider with more than 12 years of experience in the business of providing web hosting solutions. Its registered office is in Leeds and it has data centers in various locations including Reading and Maidenhead as well as Milton Keynes. This is one of the first companies to offer completely automated web hosting solutions and even today, it continues to maintain a leading position by continuously innovating and providing proprietary technologies. If you want web hosting solutions that are fast and reliable as well as affordable, then this is the company to turn to.

This is UK best web hosting company. They are the best in their region and their hosting products are nothing but the best. If you’re choosing UK hosting, please don’t compare it to US hosting that offers even better web hosting deals. This UK market is totally different and if you want to host within the region, this is the one to consider first.

Eukhost review on web hosting products. If you are looking for a UK web host that offers the most web hosting products, this is the one to checkout in first place. They have budget hosting, VPS, and the new cloud hosting services too. Here are the latest product range available:

  • Basic hosting plan from £3.33 a month.
  • Intermediate hosting plan from £4.99 a month.
  • Advanced hosting plan from $6.66 a month.
  • VPS Linux hosting plan from £22.
  • VPS Windows hosting plan from £35.
  • Cloud hosting from £35.
  • Reseller hosting ranging from £14.99 to £34.99.

Eukhost review on cPanel shared hosting. Thanks to the cPanel control panel, users are able to create and also manage email accounts and website stats as well as logs on their websites under any account. The nice thing about this cPanel is that it is very easy and simple. This cPanel shared hosting is perfect for both individuals as well as professionals who want to host their own websites and blogs as well as forums. cPanel shared hosting is also ideal for small and medium sized sites and blogs. There are three different cPanel shared hosting plans to choose from including Basic, which costs 3.33 pounds per month. The Intermediate plan costs 4.99 pounds per month while the Advanced plan costs 6.66 pounds per month.

Eukhost review on Windows shared hosting. Windows shared hosting is the best option for sites, blogs and forums that make use of either ASP.NET or MS. SQL. The nice thing about using the Windows shared hosting plan is that it comes with the well-liked Plesk control panel, which makes the management of websites that much easier and simpler. There are three plans to choose from including Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Basic is available at 3.33 pounds per month, Intermediate costs 4.99 pounds per month while Advanced costs 9.99 pounds per month.

Eukhost review on WordPress hosting. The nice thing about using the WordPress hosting is that it suits both the novice user as well as the professional user. This plan makes it very easy for you to create your blog or site. Everything that you need is provided in one of the three different plans, which include Starter (3.99 pounds per month), Standard (9.99 pounds per month) and Professional (28.99 pounds per month). The first two plans are shared hosting plans while the last named is on a managed server.

Eukhost review on reseller hosting. With reseller hosting, you will be able to host more than one website under independent shared hosting accounts. This facility suits web developers and also pros who want to run one or more website. The reseller hosting is liked for its quality, reliability and the no fuss 30 days money back guarantee. There are three plans to choose from including Standard (3.99 pounds per month) Advanced (24.99 pounds per month) and Premium, which costs 34.99 pounds per month.

Eukhost review on VPS hosting. Their virtual server hosting offers a number of benefits including high quality performance and control. The nice thing about availing of the VPS hosting plans is that they are very affordable. You can choose between three different VPS hosting plans including vLite 1 which costs 18.33 pounds per month, vLite 2 which costs 24.17 pounds per month and vLite 3 which costs 32.50 pounds per month. Each of these plans gives you total control as well as flexibility.

Eukhost review on dedicated servers. They prefer to use only the best dedicated servers. What’s more, the company also does its best to offer affordable and cheap dedicated server hosting at prices that do not put a dent in the customer’s wallet. These hosting plans are available as monthly and quarterly as well as annual contracts. The servers are all based in the UK and are monitored round-the-clock by experienced technicians and data center engineers. The three different dedicate server plans include eUK E3-1220 V2, which is priced at 52.49 pounds per month. The three value series plans include eUK E3-1225 v3, which costs 59.32 pounds per month while 3UK E3- 1230 v3 (SATA) costs 95.83 pounds per month. There are also three business plans to choose from that are very affordable, while an Enterprise Series offers numerous benefits like higher RAM and greater hard disk storage space.

Eukhost review on cloud hosting. If there is a hardware failure or if the network goes down, an ordinary (standard) hosting environment will immediately go offline. However, the cloud environment is engineered specially to solve these problems and hence it remains up all of the time. The cloud hosting environment has been engineered to guard against all eventualities including hardware failure as well as even server failure.

Eukhost review on data center. Their web servers are all located in the best data centers, which feature a host of things including advanced redundancy and physical security as well as multiple numbers of very quick network connections. The result of this is that they are able to provide web hosting services that are very reliable as well as lighting fast. The state-of-the-art data centers are located at Milton Keynes, Maidenhead and Reading.

They fully understand the importance of good customer service. In the modern world where activities take place round the clock it is important to provide round-the-clock customer service. The good news is that they offer round the clock customer services 24 hours in the day and seven days in the week. Making enquiries is also very easy as customers can either use the live chat feature or they can contact the company via a contact form.

If you want to enhance your web hosting package then they offer a range of addons that will provide that added layer of protection from common online threats like spamming and Internet Identity theft. The level of security offered is impressive. From security bundles to SSL certificates to remote backups to PCI Compliance, they also have everything covered for you.

Eukhost review on money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee is solid though it does not include dedicated servers and domain registrations. However, the managed shared and reseller as well as VPS plans are all covered by a 30 days money back guarantee. In addition, they also provide a price freeze guarantee, which means that you will not ever be asked to pay more than your initial signing up amount for you hosting services.

They are permitted to suspend and even terminate services if it receives complaints about abuse. First time accounts are eligible for a refund, which means that if you previously had an account with them then you are not entitled to receive a refund.

Eukhost review on DNS Domain Name Server. Are you searching for your domain name server? You can’t find this online through their official website, because they are lots of DNS name servers. You have to check your setup email that you receive after signing up new account.

For my case, my shared hosting is using ns51, instead of the common ns1 thing. Our web hosting server is using IP address and uses the following DNS fields:


Once you obtain these DNS name server, you can point your existing domain name to a them or transfer your domain over. Your domain name can remain at existing registrar, but pointing to this name server and host your website here. If you require help with domain transfer, kindly contact the technical support to help you.

Eukhost uptime and downtime review. This website uptime and failure percentage is being monitored for few years. We are curious to know how good this shared hosting services as they are promising 99.95% uptime guarantee. For our real web hosting plan, we are getting somewhere around 99.388% only. This is far less than what being promised.

our website uptime statistic

Eukhost speed test and response time. Today we carry out a server speed testing and it shows the server is responding in 0.5 second and loading the website in 1.2 seconds. This website speed result is averagely good. With our website URL for speed test, it shows a time to connect is 0.50962 second and later with total loading time of 1.251622 second.

Our website speed test result.

Eukhost review on signup experience. I just sign up with them and selected their shared hosting plan. Previously I had a wrong impression, cause of them displaying the web hosting fee in EURO instead of USD format. I thought its £22.99 per month (per month is common term for US based hosting company). A quick look does give me a wrong impression. However, when I reviewing their web-hosting plan and look into much more details.

That is a really good web hosting deal. It’s hard to find a good price that offering below fifty dollars. So I had decided to sign up with them, due to their great web hosting pricing and good reputation (from my review finding). I give them a try, sign up new hosting plan through their website, and selected to checkout using Google Checkout. You can choose to pay with PayPal for your web hosting plan as well.

Once done, I receive email from tech support team and also the invoice for the transaction. Very soon they contact me after 15 minutes time, yes they called me, ring my phone. And I have to do phone verification with them to complete the transaction. It’s just a few simple questions and it’s all done.

Eukhost review on affiliate program. Their affiliate program pays up to £300 per referral. Are you happy or satisfied using their products services and would like to intro to your friends or family? Here you can join this affiliate program where you can refer to other people; they will then give you a commission as a reward. For each successful referral, you will receive a credit to your affiliate account. It is completely free to join and the payment will be credited to your PayPal account monthly. Is this affiliate program really paying? From our experience, the answer is yes.

Eukhost review on user rating. After many years of reviews, our overall rating is good. After hosting with their UK hosting for several years, and see their improvement done. Their budget plans give little amount of storage and bandwidth and some websites will find it insufficient. For this reason, webmaster will be forced to choose bigger plan and paying more for that.

Our overall Eukhost rating

In this real web hosting review site, we do collect the actual customer testimonial too. Those customers who want to share their experience and willing to write their own testimonial are encouraged to write us their user review.

Angelia Brawn: “I have good experience of hosting few companies and have worked with Joomla for 2 years. So far, this is one of the best hosting to work with Joomla for my site. I have been satisfied using it and recommended to all users here.”

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Is cheap VPS hosting deal a hoax?

Those days are long gone when hosting was a costly subject. Now a day’s things are completely different in hosting. In present time you not only get regular hosting at a cheap price, but you can get vps hosting also in really low cost. In case, you do not know what the meaning of VPS hosting is, its full form is virtual private server hosting and you can get a private server on cloud network. The good thing about present situation is that, you can get it in the price range of $10 to 20 per month. That is really very low cost and it offer great services to all the people.

In case, you are not sure about purchasing of cheap VPS hosting, then here I am sharing some pros and cons of these hosting options. And once you get these pros and cons then you can take your decision in a wiser manner.

What are the pros of cheap VPS hosting plans:

  • Freedom to install software: If you take normal hosting plans then you cannot install any kind of software on that server. But if we talk about the VPS hosting then you can certainly install as many software as you want. So, if you website provide some service that is dependent on any particular service or application, then you can install that software and you can use it accordingly.
  • You can host your own website: If you wish to host your own website according to your choice, then VPS hosting can help you do that. With the help of VPS hosting you can install web server such IIS or wamp and you can host your website in your own server. In this method all the hardware that you will get on your VPS will remain dedicated for your website only.
  • Better uptime assurance: Indeed, many shared hosting solutions give you an assurance about 99.99% uptime grantee, but they never give you an assurance about the speed or performance. But if you are taking the help of VPS hosting then you will be able get better resource as well and that will give uptime assurance for your website in every ways.
  • Assured hardware configuration: A shared hosting will never give you assurance about hardware or resource allocation. On a single server they will have several websites and all those websites will use the available resources. At the other hand, in VPS hosting will you will not only get dedicated RAM or processing power, but you will also get dedicated speed as well. That means you will be able to get assurance resources and you will be able to have better output as well.
  • Easy to do the administration: For doing any administration of your website in shared hosting, you will need to remain dependent on service provider. But in virtual private server, you can remotely login on your server and you can do the management in easy manner. That means we can call it one of the best benefits of this system.

What are the cons of cheap VPS hosting plan:

  • Slightly costly: If cost of VPS hosting is going down, then same is the case for regular hosting as well. That means cost of virtual private server will always remain slightly higher than shared hosting. So, if we can ignore this slightly higher cost, then you have no reason to worry about it.
  • Improper resource allocation: Some hosting providers actually promise you to give dedicated resources on their server, but using software they share it with multiple accounts. This is a problem that you can get in some cases, but if you will chose a hosting provider wisely, then you can easily get rid of this problem without any trouble.

In conclusion I would strongly recommend you to buy the VPS hosting option instead of shared hosting plans. Indeed, there are some drawback in VPS hosting, but you if we talk about all of its advantages then we can certainly ignore the drawbacks of this option. That is why I would always recommend you to choose this option for your hosting. Also, when you take this hosting plan then make sure you check the server speed, bandwidth, ram allocation and hard disk space to get optimum result. Other than this, you also need to get an assurance about software installation and you need to ask for the bandwidth as well. If you will follow these precautions then I am sure you will be able to get the best result from this option.

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The negative effects of plagiarism on blogs and websites

New information is available on the internet each and every day that passes. Anyone can get information about almost anything from the internet. As much as this is an advantage for those who desire to know more information, it is also a disadvantage for the content writers. The internet has been misused by people by stealing works and ideas of others and presenting them as their own instead of being creative and coming up with their own ideas. The copy and paste function has largely contributed to this as it is very easy to use and takes a very short time to do.

  1. How to check for plagiarized content?

On the internet, there are various reputable sites that offer plagiarism-checking services. You can copy and paste the link to your website content on these sites and they will scan the internet to check for any duplicated content. If there is any duplicated content, you will be shown which site the content is posted on and what percentage of the content was duplicated. To increase level of accuracy, run the plagiarism check on 3 to 4 reputable sites and analyze the results.

Another way to check if your content has been duplicated is to use tools that alert you when your content has been posted elsewhere online apart from your own website. Best results are normally achieved when you use a combination of such tools since one of them may not be as effective as the other. An example of such a tool is Google Alerts.

  1. Dealing with website content theft.

The best way to deal with such a situation is confronting the offender first before reporting the problem. Before speaking to the other party, it would is advisable to take screen shots of where your content appears. In addition to this, make sure you also capture the website URL where your content was duplicated. Once you have these as evidence, you can politely contact the offender though email or a phone call.

If you are not able to reach an agreement during your discussion and the duplicated content is still posted on the site, you can report the matter to your host providers or search engines and request them to take down the content.

  1. Prevention of website content theft.

There are various steps you can take to ensure that your content is secure. Some of them include:

  • Make use of Google Authorship.
    This tool works by first linking back to your website each time you publish new content. With this tool, you will avoid any issues connected to duplicated content and it will also drive traffic to your website.
  • Disable hotlinks.
    Hotlinks can be used to steal content from your site. When you disable hotlinks, content thieves will not be able to steal your content via hotlinking. Rather, an alternate image will be displayed. This image is meant to alert people that the content on the site is stolen. Most people will take down the stolen content since they cannot risk losing their credibility.
  • Include links in your content.
    Many people who steal content are lazy and do not take time to carefully look at it hence they will not notice the links included. These links will direct the reader back to your website hence the offender will actually be doing you a favor. You can install plugins which allow you to add HTML codes to your RSS feed.
  • Use your brand’s logo.
    If you are posting any images, ensure that you include the logo of your brand. This will discourage people from stealing your images as it will be difficult to make any changes to the images. Even if other people use your images, you will get credit for them since they have your logo on them.
  1. How plagiarism affects your site?

Plagiarism can lower your SEO ranking thus losing out on a lot of exposure from readers. The stolen content may be authenticated as the original and the original content as the plagiarized content in situations where content is stolen immediately it is posted.

The reputation of the original content writer may also be damaged especially in situations where the stolen content is being used by a big and established website. Some content thieves go to the extent of demanding that you take down your content, making it seem like you are the one who stole their content. In addition to damaging one’s reputation, it also makes the site lose out financially since traffic will be directed to the site where the content was duplicated instead of the original site.

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